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David Collier: What Explains Ireland's Extreme Antisemitism?

David Collier, an independent investigative journalist focused on exposing antisemitism, spoke to a September 12th Middle East Forum Webinar (video) about the ideology and drivers of antisemitism in the anti-Israel movement in England, Scotland and

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The world made Israel necessary by refusing to help Jews in WWII

The Evian Conference in 1938 acknowledged that there was a Jewish refugee problem, but none of the countries participating agreed to take them in.

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Pan Celtic Race 2021 ~The Film~

On July 4th 2021, after the postponement of our 2020 race, riders from all over the UK set off from Maker Heights in Cornwall to embark on a much needed and ...

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Irish People Try Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Irish people sippin' on some Jack Daniel's whiskey! MERCH MADNESS: https://TRY.media/Merch Subscribe: https://TRY.media/Subscribe | Instagram: https://TRY.me...

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Irish People Try American Bourbon For The First Time

Irish people get their blurb on with Bourbon! MERCH MADNESS: https://TRY.media/Merch Subscribe: https://TRY.media/Subscribe | Instagram: https://TRY.media/In...

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A Walrus Was Spotted in Ireland for the Very First Time | Mental Floss

A 5-year-old girl and her dad were the first people to see the walrus when it made a rare appearance on Ireland's shores.

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Irish People Try Krispy Kreme Donuts For The First Time

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts finally came to Ireland! See what our Irish People thought when trying them for the first time... Subscribe: https://Try.media/Subscri...

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This Irish Bar Holds the Record as the World's Oldest Pub - Take a Look Inside

Among its many attractions, Ireland boasts some of the best pubs in the world. In fact, the Irish do traditional inns so well, they have become a global

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A film by Ben Page, supported by Apidura, 7mesh and Canyon. Day & Night follows two very different riders, Björn Lenhard and Tomy Mulledy, as they take…

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John C. Reilly Singing Together With An Entire Pub In Ireland Will Make Your Night

Whatever you are doing tonight, it’s not better than being at O’Connor’s Pub in Doolin, Ireland. There is nothing but pure joy and happiness coming out of that place tonight. Well, except for...

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Ireland Resoundingly Votes To Legalize Abortion

The country has some of the strictest laws on abortion in the developed world. But that will change, after 66.4 percent of voters chose to repeal a constitutional amendment.

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I'm Irish and I spent a year traveling the US — here are the 17 things that surprised me about day to day life

In this post, I'm not whining about foreign policy, economics or politics. This is entirely about my frustrations with day to day life in America.

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Watch Surfers Ride Freezing Waves in Ireland

See the trailer for a film that dives into the ocean—and intimate family lives—of some of the best surfers in Ireland.

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Dublin's start-up chief: 'Boycotts not on our radar' | The Times of Israel

Ireland can learn a lot from Israel, says Niamh Bushnell, commissioner for Start-Ups in the capital

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Video: Irish BDS Supporters OK Doing Business with Iran, North Korea, Sudan | Truth Revolt

In his newest "Ami on the Street" short video, filmmaker Ami Horowitz, whose 2012 film UN Me I reviewed here for FrontPage Magazine, hilariously highlights the hypocrisy of BDS movement supporters in Ireland, where store owners are proud

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Stiff little fingers - Inflammable material ( Full album )

Stiff little fingers - Inflammable material ( Full album ) 1 - Suspect Device 2 - State Of Emergency 3 - Here We Are Nowhere 4 - Wasted Life 5 - No More Of T...