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13 Facts About the Constitution Most People Don't Know

Sure, many of us have read or been told about essential documents in the world. Some might disagree about which of these rank at the highest level of importance, but disagreement sparks debate.  In turn,

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FEATURED: Jon Voight Exposes Hollywood Elites

Jon Voight has been one of the most vocal critics of Hollywood…..from within Hollywood. The man is a rare specimen, someone who has not been corrupted by Hollywood, someone who still thinks for himself, and with that independent thought he has decid

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The Constitution: Why a Republic?

Winning the War of Independence brought a new challenge to the American people: what sort of government should they choose for their new nation? Robert…

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The Constitution: The Limited Powers of Congress | PragerU

The Framers of the United States Constitution wanted to give more power to the people and less power to the government. This was a radical new idea, and it…