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A Yiddish book center in Queens lives on, just like the language it celebrates

After a foundation funding the Central Yiddish Cultural Organization since 1956 halted its donations, the institution was in peril - until a couple of good Samaritans stepped in

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Haredi paratroopers drill home raid in Yiddish

An all-Haredi company in the IDF Paratroops Brigade has conducted several drills recently, after a deployment to the Syrian

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Yiddish Hillbillies

From the vaults of CineGraphic Studios, vintage 16mm films edited to the music of Mickey Katz. This was one of my very first attempts at manipulating film to...

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Starring Nebbishes and Noodges, Yiddish Cinema Makes a Comeback - The New York Times

The new drama “Menashe,” filmed in Brooklyn, is the most prominent example of a resurgence that began with the prologue of the Coens’ “A Serious Man.”

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What Does “Oy Vey” Mean? - Questions & Answers

Oy and vey are two very old Jewish interjections which both mean “woe.” Oy is found many times in the Bible (see Numbers 21:29, I Samuel 4:7 and Isaiah 3:11 for a few examples). Vey is newer than oy; it is oy’s Aramaic equivalent..

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Leonard Nimoy on Spock, Yiddish Theater, and the Vulcan Symbol's Jewish Inspiration

In 2005, Abigail Pogrebin published Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish. The following is an excerpt from the chapter about Leonard Nimoy, the beloved actor best known for portraying Mr. Spock in the Star Trek TV series and films, who d