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Op-Ed: The Palestinians Set Israel's Own System Against Itself

Israel's Civil Administration is well aware of the hostile takeover of its land but is choosing not to enforce its legal mandate.

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Israel Is the Least-Stolen Land

To the Editor: In "'Native Land Acknowledgments' Are the Latest Woke Ritual" (op-ed, June 11), Eugene Kontorovich elegantly ridicules the budding leftist requirement that public statements be prefaced by a ceremonial nod to the peoples who once inhabited

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Jew walking to synagogue is stabbed - in Lod - Israel National News

In Lod, a Muslim Arab terrorist stabs a Jewish man walking to synagogue for prayers.

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Jonathan Sacks - What do Pesach and Hamilton have in common?

Jonathan Sacks – What do Pesach and Hamilton have in common? Dear Friends, As we approach Pesach, and if you want a break from the preparations, please take a few minutes to watch my short video below that explores what Pesach and Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Israeli military rolls out anti-kidnap app to keep soldiers safe

Distress button will alert authorities to an emergency, triggering video, voice and text communication with 3 army headquarters