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Israel's Miraculous 75th Birthday

This week, as the State of Israel celebrates 75 years of independence, sovereignty, and liberation, we ought to indeed marvel at the miracle that is the modern Jewish state.

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Jewish National Fund reveals photos from Israel's early days of independence

  In honor of Israel's 75th Independence Day, the Jewish National Fund revealed this week special photos of the country's

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Israel is Fighting the World’s War

Memorial Day in Israel has important lessons for all of us.

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Israel Rings in 74th Independence Day With Jerusalem Torch-Lighting Ceremony

Broadcast of Israel’s 74th Independence Day celebration at Mount Herzl. Photo: YouTube screenshot After a mournful day commemorating its fallen …

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Elder Of Ziyon - On Her 74th Birthday, 18 Reasons to Love Life in Israel

On the eve of the 74th Israeli Independence Day, the author shares the reasons she loves life in Israel

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Test your Israel knowledge by taking our Independence Day quiz! | The Jerusalem post

On the occasion of the State of Israel's 71st Independence Day, the 'Or Movement,' that brings the Negev and Galilee to their full inherent potential, brings you a fun quiz about the country.

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18 Little-Known, Amazing Things About Israel As It Turns 71!

From the largest dog cemetery to kosher stamps, we rounded up some more obscure but fascinating facts about the country ahead of Independence Day

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Companies and Organizations Paint Logos Blue and White Ahead of Israeli Independence Day | Jewish & Israel News Alge

People watch the military airshow during Israel’s 70th Independence Day celebrations in Saker Park in Jerusalem, April 19, 2018. Photo: …