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Is Israel At 71 A Scale-Up Nation? VCs Talk About The Good, The Bad, And The Promising

To mark Israel's 71st Independence Day, NoCamels spoke to leading VCs about the future of Israeli entrepreneurship. | NoCamels

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Turning 71, Israel can look with pride at the tech firms it has generated | The Times of Israel

From Mobileye and Mellanox to Mercury and Mazor, blue and white companies have won accolades upon their successful exit

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Watch Israel Independence Day Celebrations at Kfar Saba Neighborhood Party.

Watch Israel Independence Day Celebrations at Kfar Saba Neighborhood Party In Kfar Saba, Israel the entire neighborhood came out for food, drink, music, and light show entertainement. Wonderful evening! The videos and photos were taken with the help of my

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Test your Israel knowledge by taking our Independence Day quiz! | The Jerusalem post

On the occasion of the State of Israel's 71st Independence Day, the 'Or Movement,' that brings the Negev and Galilee to their full inherent potential, brings you a fun quiz about the country.

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18 Little-Known, Amazing Things About Israel As It Turns 71!

From the largest dog cemetery to kosher stamps, we rounded up some more obscure but fascinating facts about the country ahead of Independence Day