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Al-Shifa Hospital and the crisis of the West

Why are so many in the West buying into Hamas’s lies about al-Shifa?

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Hamas terrorists admit taking hostages to Shifa Hospital

Hamas members Adham Hawwas and Ismail Hawwas were both seen in security footage at Kibbutz Alumim and inside the Gaza City medical center.

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Video of Massive Terror Complex Under Al Shifa Hospital Makes Media Look Ridiculous

The Israel Defense Forces brought cameras into the tunnels under Al Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip this week and exposed not just Hamas's sprawling operations there but also the terrorist group's enablers in the media. The footage, taken by Fox News as

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Al-Shifa Hospital and the pathological distrust of Israel

From CNN to the radical left, why won’t people accept the truth about Hamas’s horrors at al-Shifa?