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Pasta finds its roots in ancient Greece; historians prove through texts, World News | wionews.com

Pasta is probably one of the most favourite in not only European countries but also in India, Philippines, Brazil, South Africa and many more. While it is believed that pasta was inspired by Chinese noodles brought to Europe by Venetian nobleman and merch

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The Coronavirus Is Afflict Travel, So Greece Has Started Offering Virtual Tourism

The Coronavirus Is afflict Travel, So Greece Has started Offering Virtual Tourism

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Jane Hudson - Israeli Property Investors Turning to Greece's Passion for Feng Shui for Inspiration

Jane Hudson – Israeli Property Investors Turning to Greece’s Passion for Feng Shui for Inspiration As Greece’s economy recovers, it is Israeli property investors who are receiving much of the credit, with new figures revealing that they have

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MTB Trip to Greece: On a Houseboat through the Aegean Sea | ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

Island hopping, trail surfing, and the Greek way of life: could there be three better pillars for a riding holiday? Not if you ask Andi, who chose to rip his way around the Southern Sporades Islands, but ended up falling in love with a whole other mode of

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Glides for days Greece

Downwind surfing in South Evia, Greece, Summer 2017

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In this video are the highlights of four amazing days of downwind standup paddling on our favorite run, with the wind averaging 35kts (gusts up to 40kts) using the…

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Punk-rock revivalists Barb Wire Dolls

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The Toughest Woman on Two Wheels

“You grow up in a cult,” says Juliana Buhring, “and everybody thinks there’s something wrong with you.”