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Intel showcases new 3D camera for robot, drone navigation sired by Haifa team

Camera uses an inside-out tracking system that frees it from reliance on external sensors or GPS to navigate obstacles, US tech giant says

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The robot controlled by your thoughts

How you can correct the mistakes of robots using only brain and muscle signals.

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Boston Dynamics' Robot Dog Will Be Available Next Year | WIRED

The secretive company has long been research-focused, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been thinking about what consumers want out of SpotMini.

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9 robots that will make your life better because the future is now

These high-tech robots will change the way you live. Within every price range, there's a bot to do the job.

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Robot Vs. Samurai | Five amazing Challenges with Sword

Robotics engineers at the Yaskawa Electric Company in Japan have trained one of their Motorman industrial robots to use a Samurai sword. By studying the move...

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Robotic 'Pack Mule' Can Take On Any Terrain

No, you're not watching a scene from "Transformers."

The U.S. Military released new footage on July 13, 2014 of the Legged Squad Supports System robot, which behaves sort of like a futuristic mule, being tested in an open field at the Kahuku Training Area in Hawaii. Just check it out in the YouTube video above.