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Everything You Need To Know About Series The Naked Director

Netflix's new Japanese comedy web series The Naked Director arrives on August 8 . The 10-episode series bring the laughs with its tale of sexual liberati

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Milk Bread Recipe

Soft as clouds, white as snow, Japanese milk bread is the tender everyday loaf we want to bake right now.

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Japanese Fried Rice - Yakimeshi - Pickled Plum Food And Drinks

No Teppanyaki grill top needed to whip up this simple, umami loaded Japanese Fried Rice recipe. Easy to make and ready in 18 minutes from start to finish!

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Crazy Japanese Kit Kat Flavors (and where to find them) | Love and Olive Oil

We're back! Well, we've actually been back for 2 weeks now but I'm just now starting to feel like myself again (when you get hit by crazy jet lag AND a cold at the same time... well, I needed a serious vacation to recover from my vacation).

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Cherry Blossom Japanese Cheesecake ~ Recipe

Recipe with video instructions: This cherry blossom Japanese cheesecake proves it is spring, despite what the weather would have you believe... Ingredients: 1 cup cream cheese, 6 eggs, divided, 2/3 cup sugar, divided, 4 1/2 tablespoons butter, melted, 1/2

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The Best Ramen Bowls in Los Angeles | Discover Los Angeles | California

No matter where you are in L.A., there is always a very good bowl of ramen within reach. Read on to find out where to find comfort in this noodle-broth dynamo of a city.

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Ramen, Nagoya-style, at the new Anzutei ramen shop - LA Times

The Los Angeles ramen aficionado has in recent years learned to differentiate shio ramen from tonkotsu ramen, miso-tinged Sapporo ramen from tangy Kitakata ramen, and fishy Tokyo-style ramen from pork-intensive Tokushima-style ramen.

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New Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is the most revealing yet

Despite director J.J. Abrams announcing there wouldn't be any more Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers leading up to the film's release, fans just got the most revealing version yet. Walt Disney Studios Japan posted the new trailer on

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Explore the New Sawtelle Japantown

The newly named Japantown has cool shopping, great eats and a killer park nearby. It's just the kind of hip and happening hood that you'll enjoy exploring every bit as much as the kids.