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Ossoff, Warnock Campaign with Democrat Congressman Who Called Jews ‘Termites’

Georgia Senate Democrat candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff will campaign Saturday with Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), who in 2016 compared Israeli settlers to "termites."

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Justice (and anti-Semitism) you shall pursue

  Over the past week or so we have been witnessing the emergence of a new sort of anti-Semitism in

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Ossoff Dodges on Warnock's Praise for Anti-Semitic Pastor

Senate hopeful Jon Ossoff—who has repeatedly referred to himself and fellow Democrat Raphael Warnock as a "team" in Georgia's Senate runoffs—dodged questions on Warnock's longtime support for anti-Semitic pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

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Biden Touts Endorsement From Leading Anti-Semites

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden touted a recent endorsement from a group of leading Muslim officials who have accused Jews of dual loyalty to America and praised anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

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‘Absolutely Our Party’: Democrats Embrace Linda Sarsour At National Convention

The Democratic National Convention featured Linda Sarsour, former leader of the Women’s March, as she hosted a caucus meeting for the Muslim Delegates and Allies Assembly. The party’s apparent embrace of Sarsour is notable because of her history of an

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Democratic National Convention hosts imam from Islamic extremist institution

Noman Hussain, imam of ISM Brookfield in Wisconsin, was one of the religious leaders who took part in the “Interfaith Welcome Service.”

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Democratic House candidate: Palestinians like African-Americans under Jim Crow

A Democrat running in Texas for the US House of Representatives next year has compared the situation of the Palestinians

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Liz Cheney calls on Pelosi to act after new Holocaust comments from Rashida Tlaib; WaPo gives it the ‘Republicans seize’ treatment

"No, @RashidaTlaib, Palestinian Arabs did not provide 'save haven' for Jews."