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Disturbing fact about black abortion rate!

Brandon Straka describes a disturbing fact about abortion rates in the black community at the #WalkAway Black Americans Town Hall, Harlem. #WalkAway Black Am...

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When I Was A Pregnant Teen Sleeping With Older Men, Planned Parenthood Failed Me

Planned Parenthood covers up statutory rape, leaves vulnerable women in abusive situations, and tells them their lives are better without their babies.

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Awkward! Looks like Alyssa Milano needs to have a chat with Planned Parenthood about fetal heartbeats

As Twitchy told you, noted scientician Alyssa Milano to stop referring to fetal heartbeats as “heartbeats” because that really effs with the narrative:

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Former Rep. Michele Bachmann: Trump ‘Godly’ And ‘Biblical’

On April 13, former presidential candidate and former member of the House of Representatives Michele Bachmann appeared on "Understanding the Times with Jan Markell," a Chr

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In Their Own Words: Parents of 5 Kids Who Think They’re Trans Speak

"Where did she get the idea she was transgender? From a school presentation—at a school where more than 5 percent of the student body called themselves trans or nonbinary."

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Judge Denies AG's Request to Block Planned Parenthood Videos in Court

A judge has denied California AG Becerra's request to keep secret Planned Parenthood videos during the upcoming hearing of a journalist.

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Governor Who Endorsed Infanticide Received $2 Million From Planned Parenthood - Big League Politics

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who endorsed infanticide as a form of abortion, received $2 million in campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood.

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Perfect Timing: CEO of MyPillow Takes Bold Stand Against Abortion and Takes Fight to Hollywood

A pro-life movie that's partially financed by MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell is set to be distributed nationwide next month.

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WATCH: The New Planned Parenthood President Is Already Lying Through Her Teeth | Daily Wire

We know it's hard to imagine, but, shockingly, the newly named head of Planned Parenthood is a liar, in addition to the whole overseeing-a-genocide-of-unborn-babies thing.

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Planned Parenthood Sues to Keep Access to Young Children in Sex Ed

Planned Parenthood affiliates are suing the Trump administration for its efforts to promote sex education programs in public schools that teach young people to make healthy lifestyle decisions rather than topics such as masturbation, anal sex, LGBT sex,

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FAIL: Planned Parenthood aims to 'ruin' a birthday, stumbles into their own ghoulish trap

"Further proof that PP doesn't need our tax dollars."

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Toys R Us Deserves This Humiliating End

Many fine men and women worked for Toys R Us and it is truly unfortunate that they will have to lose their jobs as a result of the famed toy chain closing up shop. Thank you for helping to make our childhoods bright and may God bless you in your effort to

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Planned Parenthood Affiliate Tweets About Transgenders: 'Some Men Have A Uterus.' | Daily Wire

Planned Parenthood has been experiencing something of a business downturn; prenatal care (which they don't really do much of) is down a whopping 75%, and

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What You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood | PragerU

What does Planned Parenthood really do? What do they actually stand for? President and founder of Live Action, Lila Rose, lays out everything you need to know about Planned Parenthood.

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Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to harvest heart, brain: ex-technician - Washington Times

In an undercover video released Wednesday, a former technician for a tissue-harvesting company details how an aborted baby was kept alive so that its heart could be harvested at a California Planned Parenthood facility, raising more legal questions about

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‘To Be Clear, There’s No…Exceptions?’: Fox Host Presses Clinton on Support for Late-Term Abortions

Hillary Clinton was pressed Monday evening over her support for late-term abortions during a Fox News town hall. Host Bret Baier asked the Democratic front-runner about her position on the controversial procedure.

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Texas Right to Life

Statewide Builders of a Pro-Life Texas.

Health & Fitness | Vaccine information

Pro-life OR pro-vaccine? Not both.

Fetal cell line WALVAX 2 is taken from the lung tissue of a 3 month gestation female who was ultimately selected from among 9 aborted babies.

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Donald Trump Defends Planned Parenthood, Calls Abortions ‘Small Part of What They Do’

Donald Trump suggested he would not support ending taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood’s non-abortion services in two interviews Tuesday.

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Grand jury in Texas indicts activists behind Planned Parenthood videos | Fox News

A grand jury in Houston investigating undercover footage of Planned Parenthood allegations of misconduct instead indicted two anti-abortion activists who made videos of the organization on Monday.

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Texas leaders closer to removing Planned Parenthood completely from 2016 budget

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Speaker.gov | Weekly Republican Address: Putting an Obamacare Repeal Bill on the President’s Desk

In this week’s Republican address, Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) discusses the House’s ongoing efforts to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. Next week, Congress will send a bill—the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation

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Evangelist Franklin Graham Leaves GOP Due To Planned Parenthood Funding - Ben Swann's Truth In Media

The Republican Party has been abandoned by Evangelist Franklin Graham following last week’s passage of a budget by the Republican-led Congress. Graham call

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Is that a meat cleaver? There’s a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood based on the show ‘CHOPPED’ [screenshot]

And just when you thought Planned Parenthood couldn’t get any worse, a bar in Raleigh, NC is hosting a fundraiser for the baby-parts merchants based on the Food TV reality show “Chopped”:

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2 Months: Networks Aired Only 0.13% of Planned Parenthood Videos

Instead of watching the news, it’s time for pro-life Americans to be the news – to use social media and word-of-mouth – about Planned Parenthood. Because the networks won’t. Since July 14, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has released 16 hour

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BREAKING: Jindal to screen Planned Parenthood videos outside mansion during pro-choice protest

The videos will show on an outdoor movie theater outside the Louisiana governor's mansion.

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Donald Trump Suggests Support of Some Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood - ABC News

The candidate veered from the rest of the GOP when it comes to the organization.

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Have Dems who voted to block the bill to defund Planned Parenthood even seen the videos? | Twitchy

The Weekly Standard got some interesting answers when its senior writer asked Senators point blank.

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Judge Blocks Videos of Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Sales

Judge Blocks Release of Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood's Baby Parts Sales