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Loudoun Rapist Removed From Sex Offender Registry After County Board Member Says He’s The Victim

On the heels of a juvenile court judge ruling to place the now 15-year-old boy in Loudoun County, Virginia, who sexually assaulted at least two students in high schools on the sex offender registry for life — the ruling has been revoked.

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PODCAST: Pushing Back Against the Marxist Critical Race Theory

As the Marxist possessed US education system attempts to move Critical Race Theory into mainstream curriculum, a growing number of parents and teachers are taking a stand and pushing back. But the battle is only beginning and we must fight for the hearts

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Parental Enemies List in Hand, School Committee Vows to ‘Silence Opposition’ on Critical Race Theory

A non-sanctioned group of public school officials in Loudoun County, Virginia, public schools has secretly pledged to “silence the...