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NYU Students Caught on Video Making their Anti-Semitism Even More Repugnant and PERSONAL (Watch)

 We're starting to think it's safe to say that major universities and colleges in America are lost. For years, we've joked and snarked about how these institutions are churning out brain-dead young people who can't think for themselves and then end up voting Democrat until they figure out how taxes work ... but this is so much worse.

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Prominent Universities To Host Conference Denouncing Antisemitism Definition, ‘Settler Colonial State’ Of Israel

Two universities are hosting a conference to discuss how the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of antisemitism.

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‘Woke or KKK’: NYU Hosts Whites-Only ‘Antiracism’ Workshop for Public School Parents

New York University hosted a whites-only "anti-racism" workshop for public school parents in New York City, barring minorities from a five-months-long seminar that legal experts say was a brazen violation of civil rights law.

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NYU Professor Says Black, Latino Trump Supporters Are Product of ‘Multiracial Whiteness’

A New York University professor has concocted a Critical Race Theory-based theorem to explain not only why Black and Latino

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NYU Panel Seeks To Delegitimize Jewish History | The Daily Wire

On the same late September day that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, a self-declared anti-Semite, spoke before a packed and supportive audience at Columbia University and questioned the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust, a subtler but equal

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Exposed! BDS Professor Stephen Thrasher’s Antisemitic Tweets | Israellycool

Thrasher seems to be reveling in the limelight. Time to shine a light on those words of his he would rather do not see the light of day.

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SICKENING Jew hatred at NYU Graduation Ceremony

This is so sad. NYU isn't even hiding their tacit support of Jew haters. They invited one to speak at the graduation ceremony!

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Judea Pearl Renounces NYU Distinguished Alumnus Status as School Prepares to Award Students for Justice in Palestine

A New York University (NYU) building near Washington Square Park. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Turing Award winner Judea Pearl has renounced his …

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No Holds Barred: The ferocious battle for Israel at New York University

Over the last few years NYU has emerged as one of the most hostile campuses to Israel in the United States.