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Coronavirus vaccine likely won’t be as effective in obese people, experts say

A coronavirus vaccine, once found, likely won't be as effective in protecting people who are obese, researchers have warned.

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Their best shots: Israeli efforts to invent a coronavirus vaccine, explained

With healthy hamsters and happy politicians, the Jewish state's research is going full steam ahead, and boasting of a breakthrough

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Promising coronavirus vaccine might be delayed because not enough people are getting sick

One of the coronavirus vaccine candidates that has shown encouraging results is the one being developed at Oxford, which could be ready for emergency use this September.

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Moderna's Israeli top medical officer: We've shown today that our vaccine works

US biotech firm's shares soar as it claims tests of first volunteers show its vaccine candidate produces immune response, 'has potential to prevent COVID-19'; Phase 3 tests in July

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Trump administration launching operation to accelerate development of coronavirus vaccine - CNNPolitics

The Trump administration is launching a project to accelerate the development of a potential coronavirus vaccine, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

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Israeli Team Developing Coronavirus Vaccine Raises $12M For New Startup, To Begin Summer Trials

The new company, MigVax, is an affiliate of The Migal Galilee Research Institute and will pioneer the effort to develop the vaccine.

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Israeli scientists: Coronavirus vaccine to be tested on humans by June 1

MIGAL and IIBR are both testing potential COVID-19 vaccinations on mammals

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Coronavirus Vaccine Update: When Will a Covid-19 Vaccine Be Ready? These Programs Are Making Progress.

A true return to normalcy is unlikely without a widely-available coronavirus vaccine. There are currently at least 47 Covid-19 vaccine programs under way. Here are some to keep an eye on.

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First Person Injected With Trial Coronavirus Vaccine In Seattle

43-year old Jennifer Haller from Seattle was the first person to be injected with a new trial coronavirus vaccine on Monday. Researchers will follow her and 44 other people for 12 months to evaluate the vaccine.