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WATCH: Israel Unleashes New Laser Weapon That Shoots Down Drones

A military defense company in Israeli released video this week that shows off a new laser weapon that it has developed that is able to shoot down small drones, which are increasing terror threat in many parts of the world. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

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The Laser Weapon Is Really, Really Finally Here

Rejoice if you look towards the dystopia of the Star Wars universe, for laser weapons have finally, at long last, arrived. The laser, a weapon system perpetually “ten or fifteen years away” from operational use, is off the development treadmill and en

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US Navy Tests Laser Weapon That Can Hit Missiles At Speed Of Light

The speed of LaWs is 50,000 times the speed of an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile. The new technology does not need any heavy and costly missile.

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Homemade lightsaber made with laser can cut wires and destroy things

YouTuber Drake Anthony built his very own lightsaber using a powerful 7-watt blue laser.

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This guy just built a working miniature Death Star - CNET

The latest creation from a German laser hobbyist on YouTube threatens to create a terrible disturbance in the Force.

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Engineers create world's first white laser beam | The Verge

Researchers at Arizona State University have created the world's first white laser beam, according to a new study published in Nature. More work needs to be done to perfect this technology, but...

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Lasers have turned this metal super hydrophobic - CNET

Researchers have used lasers to create an extremely hydrophobic material with potential applications from sanitation to solar panels.

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Watch The U.S. Navy’s New Laser Weapon Take Out Two Ships

From Yahoo News: The U.S. Navy announced Wednesday that a new laser weapon deployed into Persian Gulf earlier this year performed seamlessly during testing that wrapped up in November, and declared the weapon a success.