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My Father, My Superman - Health & Wellness

I watched my father, encloaked not in a red cape but in a weathered, white tallit, a joyful Chassidic melody on his lips.

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FDA clears Israeli robotic standing wheelchair for US sales

UPnRIDE's mobility system allows quadriplegics to move around indoor and outdoor environments, while standing upright

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Israel: Study shows how children benefit from intellectually disabled siblings

Researchers using artwork analysis find that a disabled child has a positive effect on family, correlating with higher scores on empathy and closeness, less conflict and rivalry

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Israel’s OrCam to help blind people cast vote independently

A pilot project makes OrCam's artificial vision device available at 12 polling stations in Tuesday's election

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Xbox Adaptive Controller Gives Disabled Gamers a Power-Up

Other game companies also are scrambling to introduce their own accessible hardware. But a customer base of more than 30 million gamers may give developers the push they need.

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Israeli Inventor Creates Exoskeleton Allowing Paraplegics to Walk Again

There are an estimated 6 million wheelchair users in the United States and Europe, some of whom could walk again if insurance carriers would approve the cost of coverage for a device innovated in Israel.

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Musicians with disabilities represent Israel on world tour

Musicians with disabilities join world tour on first-ever trip away from home.

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Student Develops An App That's Like Uber For Disabled People

Meghan Lazier wants to get New York City's accessible transit up to speed.

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When You Do Your Very Best | Nurit Greenger | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

Special Olympics World Games are coming to Los Angeles this 2015 summer. Lucy Meyer is fifteen year old. At birth......

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Amazing Moms: Mother Who Invented Harness To Allow Disabled Kids To Walk Tells Of International Success

Mother’s Day is a good time to reflect on the amazing lengths some moms go to to ensure the well being of their children. One such “supermom” is Debby Elnatan, a former Israeli stay-at-home mom who became a press sensation when she invented the “Upsee”, a harness that allowed her young disabled son, and other handicapped children around the world, to walk.

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‘Hey Siri’ in iOS 8.3 allows for automatic speakerphone calls | 9to5Mac

Apple has made a small, but helpful, change in the way that iOS 8.3 can make phone calls via Siri. With the launch of iOS 8.0 last fall, Apple added a feature to Siri that allows users to activate ...

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People With Disabilities Have A Hard Time Finding Jobs, And This Company Is Doing Something About It

A nonprofit movie theater in Connecticut is committed to giving people with physical or developmental disabilities an opportunity to succeed in the workforce. At the Prospector Theater in Ridgefield, 60 percent of the staff are people with disabi...

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Hands-free smartphone opens worlds for disabled | The Times of Israel

Giora Livne just wanted to buy flowers for his wife. But for the 65-year-old quadriplegic, who lost all but the smallest movements in his neck in an accident nine years ago, that small act of spousal romance was out of reach.

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Itzhak Perlman and Other Classical Musicians on Navigating the Stage With a Disability - WSJ

Itzhak Perlman is one of a handful of New York-based classical musicians with coming concerts who have navigated substantial careers amid significant health challenges.

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Independence for the paralyzed via a life-changing cellphone | The Times of Israel

Sesame Phones, designed by Israeli software engineer Oded Ben-Dov, enables sufferers of ALS, Parkinson's, and MS to use their smartphones without assistance

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This Paralyzed Man Walked Down The Aisle At His Wedding With The Help Of A Robot

In 2011, Matt Ficarra was paralyzed in a boating accident, but on Oct. 18 he walked down the aisle at his wedding. ..

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Google Glass App Gives Conversations Real-Time Closed Captioning

Georgia Tech researchers have come up with an app that turns Google Glass into a real-time closed-captioning display for the hearing-impaired, using the voice recognition in the user's Glass-paired smartphone. Now this is a face-computer use we can get be

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11-Year-Old Makes An Unbreakable, Spill-Proof Cup For Her Ailing Grandfather

When Lily Born noticed her grandfather, who suffers from Parkinson's, was spilling his drinks, she decided to design him a better cup. The young...