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Improving sibling relationships

Psychologists’ research shows that long-lasting relationships are more critical than many people think and offers insights on how to improve them.

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Israel: Study shows how children benefit from intellectually disabled siblings

Researchers using artwork analysis find that a disabled child has a positive effect on family, correlating with higher scores on empathy and closeness, less conflict and rivalry

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My kids hate each other—and I'm afraid that will never change

One of the reasons I had two kids was so they'd have each other to lean on as adults. But now it seems like they might not even end up on speaking terms.

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Boy Suspects Brother Knows Of His ‘Phased Plan’ To Take Over Entire Bedroom

"It's all mine. I tried to beat him up and got the crap kicked out of me, but that only proves he cheated. All four times. "

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The Middle Child Is Going Extinct

Middle children are empaths, peacemakers, negotiators. And as more American families choose to have only one or two children, they’re becoming an endangered species.

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Give Thanks: Adult Siblings Can Make Us Healthier And Happier

Sibling relationships are usually the longest-lived family ties, and most adults say they're close to their siblings. That closeness can shelter and sustain us through life's perils and joys.

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Olivia de Havilland Breaks Silence on Sibling Feud

Celebrating her 100th birthday Friday, indomitable actress Olivia de Havilland is finally breaking her silence on Hollywood’s most famous sibling rivalry. De Havilland said the “legend of a feud” with her sister was first created by an article entit

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A Slow-Motion Demise, a Fast-Forward Repair

As her own marriage crumbles, a sister plays matchmaker for her divorced younger brother.