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Why you wake up tired in the morning and how to fix it, according to experts

You usually sleep for seven to eight hours, yet still feel sleepy in the morning. What causes this, and how can you change it? Sleep experts weigh in on possible culprits and share how you can get better quality rest.

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How to Cope With the “Start-of-Workday” Blues

When you shift your perspective, you can begin the day on a positive note.

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These 10 French Toast Recipes Will Make Your Morning So Much Better!

French Toast is easy to love: crispy, buttery, and full of sweet custard.

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10 Great Morning and Night Practices to Help You Sleep

Experts give suggestions on how to start your morning, prepare for the day ahead, and wind down before you go to sleep.

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Study: High-Energy Breakfast Less TV Time = Healthier Heart, Arteries - Study Finds

A two-part study gives strong evidence that spending more time eating high-energy breakfasts plus less time watching TV equals less plaque and stiffness of arteries. This means a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

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Morning depression: Causes, symptoms, and how to cope

Diurnal variations are types of depression that cause symptoms to get worse at certain times of the day. Morning depression is a common diurnal variation. In this article, learn about the symptoms and risk factors for morning depression, as well as the tr

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The Pain and Joy of Transforming Myself into a 'Morning Person' | Work Money

Successful people swear by their early morning routine — so I tried to become one of them.

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5 Tips for Becoming A Morning Person

Even the most dedicated night owls can train themselves to become early risers.

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How to wake up earlier—with minimal misery

Five simple steps to help you rise and grind, even if you're not a morning person.

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5 Tips for Loving Your Weekdays as Much as Your Weekends

It's a near-universal truth that Monday is the worst day of the week (and we've got the Sunday Sads to prove it). According to research done by Stanford University, even unemployed people see their morale dip on weekdays. Happiness rises with the number of hours you spend with family and friends, the study says, so even if you aren’t working, Monday morning can still bum you out.