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How To Stimulate The Vagus Nerve To De-Stress And Find Calm

The vagus nerve halts stress and regulates emotions. Here’s how to get it in tip-top shape.

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How (And Why) to Build Some Boredom Back Into Your Life

Believe it or not, sometimes not doing anything at all is the most productive thing you can do.

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Do You Understand What Normal Blood Pressure Is? Many Americans Wrongly Assume They Do

Many Americans wrongly assume they know what normal blood pressure is, and that false confidence can be deadly.

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How Lifting Your Legs up Against the Wall Can Calm Your Mind and Reduce Stress

Looking for a simple yet effective way to relax after a busy day? Tired after an intense workout or long run? Legs-up-the-wall pose may be the answer, writes Sonam Nundoochan.

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Hope as the antidote

Hope may be the antidote to today’s chaotic world. Here’s how to cultivate it

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Many of us deal with undesevered guilt/shame when we are good to ourselves. We may do the basics re hygeine and cleanliness, even look fit, stay fit but there is more to care for our body, mind, and soul.
Hashem wants us to care for ourselves. A gift for me was when i was told the best prayer re our lives, health is when we pray for ourselves. i had been taught otherwise, and felt guilty or selfish if i prayed for myself. So if you deal with some of these issues, i hope what i wrote and the text from Sefaria helps.

פרשת מסעי, In this portion the Torah discusses matters that help perfect one's body. The body viewed as the sheath of the soul, has also been created in the image of G'd (Genesis 1,27). This is why if someone kills another creature created in G'd's image he himself will be killed as an appropriate act of retribution. By his deed he has separated a soul from its body, (sheath), hence his own soul will be separated from its body
From Sefaria

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Body Image by Rabbi Marina Yergin

RABBI ELYSE GOLDSTEIN [Author, director of Kollel- The Adult Centre for Liberal Jewish Learning, Toronto, ON]... Shmirat HaGuf - taking care of your body - is viewed as a spiritual as well as a physical act. The wellbeing of the body has to be maintained as the vessel of the soul, the repository of that which most closely connects us with God. Our body is a gift from God, a divine creation which is to be respected, cherished and cared for as long as we are in this world. With awareness of Shmirat HaGuf, even the simplest activities, such as eating, walking, or washing one’s hands, become acts of holiness.

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Association of Daily Step Patterns With Mortality in US Adults | Public Health | JAMA Network Open | JAMA Network

This cohort study uses National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data to evaluate the association between number of days per week of recommended daily st

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Habit Stacking: How It Works, Why It's Useful and How to Do It

Habit stacking is a method for making healthy changes by tacking new routines onto tasks or chores you do every day. Experts explain why this method works.

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Choosing Yourself: When it’s time to take a breather | Workplace Coach Blog

Choosing yourself: when it's time to take a breather--the benefits to taking a temporary career breather & how to do it gracefully

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10 Signs of Heart Failure You Should Never Ignore, According to Doctors

Shortness of breath, leg swelling, and weight gain could all be signs of trouble.

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A Love Letter to Driving Alone

Embarking on a road trip by yourself is solo travel taken to another level.

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Why Talking to Strangers Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Mental Health

If we can only break through the awkwardness barrier, striking up conversations at random is the cheapest form of therapy there is.

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I Cold-Plunged Every Day for a Month—Here’s What I Learned - Outside Online

One yoga teacher immersed herself in freezing water for 31 days. Here’s her advice for how you can do it, too.

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2022’s Top Author: Arthur C. Brooks on Rethinking Happiness

The #1 most-Pocketed author of 2022 was The Atlantic’s Arthur C. Brooks, whose series on life and happiness resonated deeply with Pocket readers. Here, his top 10 articles of the year.

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When should you eat? It’s just as important as what you eat. | National Geographic

We crave food at night—which made sense back when humans only cared about surviving the day. But science shows that to live longer, healthier lives, we need to...

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When You're Overwhelmed, Simplify - zen habits zen habits

By Leo Babauta The feeling of being overwhelmed is extremely common in the people I talk to, and it’s becoming more and more clear to me that this is the default state for most of us. We’re overwhelmed by it all: all the things we have on our plates,

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World Mental Health Day: How to Boost Your Mental Health

In honor of World Mental Health Day, we’re reflecting on small ways we prioritize our mental health on a daily basis.

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The Simple Dutch Cure for Stress

“Uitwaaien” is a popular activity around Amsterdam—one believed to have important psychological benefits.

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Escape the perfectionist trap with the philosophy of "wabi sabi" - Big Think

Perfectionism is on the rise, and its consequences for mental health can be devastating. The Japanese philosophy of "wabi sabi" can help.

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Why self-care is so important for heart health by Dr Rashmi Byakodi

Here are some practical tips on self-care for your heart health and why it is so important for your overall health, by Dr. Rashmi Byakodi.

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Why Am I Always Cold? This Is Why Some People Feel the Cold More Than Others

Ever find you can’t stop shivering? This is why you always feel cold, no matter what the weather outside.

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How to take things less personally | Psyche Guides

Always blaming yourself or assuming others think ill of you? A CBT therapist shares ways to break these self-critical habits

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Why is it so hard to control our appetites? A doctor’s struggles with giving up sugar | Health & wellbeing | The G

The long read: We’ve become convinced that if we can eat more healthily, we will be morally better people. But where does this idea come from?

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Why We Need to Upgrade Our Face Masks--and Where to Get Them - Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

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The 7 Types of Rest, and How to Get the Kind You Need

If you never feel fully rested, it could be because you're not getting the right type of rest

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Self-care Rituals That Have Become Non-negotiables

Self-care rituals are often seen as luxuries, but should be seen as staples in our routines.

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10 Tips We’d Give Our Younger Selves About Communication

We learned a lot about healthy communication this year, and many of these lessons could have come in handy long before the pandemic began.

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Mental Health Day: How to Make the Most of It

Mental health days are important, but they can often be ineffective. Here’s how to make the most of your time off so that you return to work feeling refreshed and ready to go.

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The 7 types of rest that every person needs |

Are you getting your seven or eight hours of sleep a night -- yet you still feel exhausted? Here's why that could be happening, according to physician Saundra Dalton-Smith.

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How to decode your symptoms to sleep better and reach your potential?

Sleep symptoms show up in many different ways. Understanding what the body and our sleep is telling us can transform our lives.

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1036 miles since COVID began - Workplace Coach Blog

We started walking to defeat COVID; we'll never stop.

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7 Steps for Getting Enough Sleep During the Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond

Sticking to a bedtime routine and practicing mindfulness can help you rest, relax and stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

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How to Love Yourself Through It All

When we take a moment to disconnect from the world outside and look inward, our inner compass will guide us in the right direction.

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Sleep and the Immune System and How to Support Them | Dr. Dyan

Sleep and the immune system go hand in hand. These tips help you to boost the immune system and sleep better by finding small pockets of rest.

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Mindfulness May Ease the Emotional Burden of MS | Health News | US News

US News is a recognized leader in college, grad school, hospital, mutual fund, and car rankings. Track elected officials, research health conditions, and find news you can use in politics, business, health, and education.

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Self-Care Messaging and IGTV Help This Startup Thrive Amid Covid-19

This direct-to-consumer houseplant company benefited from shelter-in-place mandates, says co-founder and CEO Eliza Blank. But a quick pivot to digital and a focus on wellness helped bring in a sales boost.

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This Breathing Exercise Calms the Mind and Body | Dr. Dyan

This simple breathing exercise calms the mind and body. Research shows this helps depression, anxiety, pain and sleep through the gut to brain connection.

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When Things Fall Apart, Train Your Brain to Self-Regulate

Thoughts, emotions, moods, and memories come and they go. It’s our ability to regulate them that makes the difference.

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Meditation? Mindfulness? Self-Hypnosis? Confused!? | Dr. Dyan

Learn the differences between meditation, mindfulness, and self-hypnosis so you can figure out which is best for you to calm mind, body, and spirit

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Sleep Secrets That You’ve Been Searching For | Dr. Dyan

Get 3 easy sleep secrets that you can start tonight to help you sleep better, feel calmer, and connect mind and body. Sleep naturally with these simple tips

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Want To Lower Your Risk Of Heart Attack? Try Walking Or Cycling To Work If You Can - Study Finds

A study by two former Olympic athletes suggests that walking or cycling to work on a daily basis may lower one's risk of suffering a heart attack.

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How to Feel Better and Practice Self-Care in Less Than 15 Minutes

Feel better fast! If you have 15 minutes, try these ideas to turn things around as you move your body and change your thinking.

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Here's an Easy Way to Help Your Low Back Pain

Researchers say that self-administered acupressure, a traditional Chinese medicine technique, can help improve lower back pain and reduce the brutal pain that comes with it.

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Here's a Chart Explaining Anxiety and Solutions

275 million people worldwide have experienced an anxiety disorder, and millions of others experience anxiety from time to time. Here's how to cope.

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Here are some concrete methods to help you achieve your goals

Commitment devices are powerful tools. They can help people quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, and save money. Here are a few examples of ways to use them to your advantage.

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Great Affirmations that Will Shift Your Attitude

These mantras and phrases will promote positive and help relieve stress and anxiety

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Understanding Different Types of Anxiety Can Help You Diffuse it

In small doses, anxiety is a vital emotion. Without it, we could be killed crossing the street and would find ourselves ill-prepared for many of the important tasks of life.

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Behaving Compassionately helps us both Externally and Internally

What does it feel like to engage in compassionate actions? Learn about the feeling of compassion, how it affects us internally, and the impact of external reactions.

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Be More Productive At Work If You Get 7-8 Hours Of Sleep Every Night

Getting less sleep on a regular basis doesn’t necessarily mean you'll get more done with all that extra time on your hands. A recent study reveals that people who battle sleeping problems may actually be less productive on the job. 

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Are You Suffering From “Not Good Enough Syndrome”? - Thrive Global

Here’s how to shift your mindset, so you can feel full and abundant in who you are.

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The Key To Happiness? Just Smile, Study Suggests

If you're having a rough day, one way to help turn that frown upside down may be as simple as doing just that. A new study reveals that smiling actually makes people feel happier.

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This is what eight weeks of mindfulness training does to your brain – Research Digest

A systematic review suggests 8 weeks of mindfulness training leads to brain changes similar to those seen in experienced meditators.

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CDC: Cancers Linked To Obesity Account For 40 Percent Of All US Cancer Cases

New research points to the cancer risks associated with weight: researchers discovered that of all the cancers diagnosed in the U.S. in 2014, 40 percent were related to overweight and obesity.

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How Probiotics May Ward Off Depression And Anxiety

In recent years, neuroscientists have become increasingly interested in the idea that there may be a powerful link between the human brain and gut bacteria. And while a growing body of research has pr

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The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

Want to develop a better work routine? Discover how some of the world’s greatest minds organized their days.

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Mellow Pastimes Can Be Good For Your Health, Too : Shots - Health News : NPR

You don't have to be out running marathons to get health benefits from leisure activities. Engaging pastimes like reading, sewing or listening to music improved health markers, a study finds.

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A Little Boy’s Burn Miracle

 My grandson MT had grabbed a hot cup of tea and poured it all over his face and shoulders.  He was hospitalized at the ICU of Loyola Hospital. I grabbed a glass bottle, filled with about 2 of water, dropped in Lavender, Helichrysum, Roman Chamo