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The Flip Side of Toxic Positivity: Emotional Perfectionism

Emotional perfectionism is related to toxic positivity. But instead of urging others to look on the bright side, emotional perfectionists expect themselves to be unfailingly upbeat.

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Escape the perfectionist trap with the philosophy of "wabi sabi" - Big Think

Perfectionism is on the rise, and its consequences for mental health can be devastating. The Japanese philosophy of "wabi sabi" can help.

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Embracing Our Imperfections

When we embrace vulnerability, learn from failure, and strive to be our best, we can truly and deeply connect with others.

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Avoiding a Meltdown: When Something Has To Give & You Fear It's You - Workplace Coach Blog

When you're close to a job meltdown, how to balance the stress you take on

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Children and Perfectionism - How to Help Children Manage the Thoughts That Drive Perfectionism -

Perfectionism in children is driven by anxiety. There is nothing wrong with having high standards but the problem with perfectionism is that enough is never enough. It's exhausting and when perfectionism takes over, the whip-cracking chase for 'good enoug