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Operation Olive Branch: IDF launches rescue op after deadly Turkey quake

A senior IDF official dismissed any rumors that the IDF had been asked to or might assist Syria with its difficulties from the earthquake.

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Israel helped Lebanese, Syrian citizens reach Ukraine border

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett: Israel sending 100 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

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Israel ‘Bombs Auschwitz’

An explosion is seen at Quneitra on the Syrian side of the Israeli Syrian border, July 22, 2018. Photo: REUTERS/Ronen …

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Did US cover up airstrikes in Syria? What does it mean for Israel, ICC?

Israel is facing a very differnet scenario as allegations of war crimes and a cover-up by the US are in the air.

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Syria Elected To World Health Organization Executive Board Despite Human Rights Abuses

Human rights activists across the world were shocked, Saturday, when Syria was selected to serve on the board of the World Health Organization despite

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PODCAST: When No One Wants to Be a Cop Anymore Then What Do We Do?

An undercover audio file of Iran's foreign minister talking shop revealed that while John Kerry was Secretary of State under President Obama, he violated the trust of our most important ally in the Middle East - Israel - by outing over 200 clandestine Isr

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ISIS Threat Beyond Syria, Iraq Causes Concern

The Islamic State terrorist group is no longer in control of large swaths of land in Syria and Iraq, but just like al Qaeda in the...

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Bipartisan Group Seeks to Strip Biden of War Powers

A bipartisan group of US Senators, upset about the President’s unilateral move to use of force in Syria, introduced legislation that...

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Report: Obama offered Syria an Israeli withdrawal from Golan Heights

  Just a few months before the Syrian civil war erupted in March of 2011, the Barack Obama administration offered

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US Executes Airstrikes Against Facilities in Syria Used by Iran-Backed Militia

The United States launched airstrikes in Syria Thursday in retaliation for rocket attacks on US assets in Iraq earlier in the month...

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DoJ Lawyer: US Can Kill Its Own Citizens Without Review

In an argument before a US federal appeals court, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) argued the United States government

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14 pro-Iranian militiamen killed in airstrikes in Syria - Defense/Security

Israel 'likely' behind airstrikes on pro-Iranian militias in Syria, observer group says, after 14 fighters killed in strikes.

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Operation Good Neighbor: Syrian Thanks Israel for Saving her Life

Operation Good Neighbor: Syrian Thanks Israel for Saving her Life by Dr. Yvette Alt Miller- Aish Noam Shalev, an Israeli film producer, was recently vacationing in Sweden. While eating in a restaurant in Stockholm, he was served dinner by a young Arab wai

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US-Turkey Tie-Up Important to Stabilize Multi-Faceted Conflict in Syria: Insider

The US and Turkey have not been friends but an insider says the arising geopolitical situation in Syria has pushed both the NATO allies to collaborate.

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FLIP-FLOP: Ocasio-Cortez Was Against U.S. Involvement In Syria Before She Was For It

Back in April, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined several other lawmakers to blast President Trump for keeping U.S. troops in Syria. “The 2015 introduction of U.S. military forces into hostilities in Syria was never approved by Congress, in violat

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As Trump disavows Kurds over WW2, Republican anger grows - CNNPolitics

Republicans savaged President Donald Trump Wednesday for allowing Turkey to attack US allies in Syria as the President offered varying reasons for giving Turkey the green light, including the fact that Kurds did not fight alongside the US in World War II.

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Mounting Syrian War Crime Cases Raise Hopes For Justice Against A Brutal Regime

An unprecedented legal battle against the regime is playing out in European courts, where large refugee communities and prosecutors can bring cases even for suspected crimes committed abroad.

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'POTUS went rogue': Trump's Syria move blindsides national security leaders - POLITICO

The White House’s announcement that U.S. forces are pulling back from northeastern Syria to allow a Turkish offensive there took the Pentagon and the government’s Syria point man by surprise ⁠— and the decision defied the current thinking of President Donald Trump's national security leaders.

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The Real Story Behind Netflix’s ‘The Spy’ | CAMERA

Netflix's 2019 series, 'The Spy,' takes a look at legendary Mossad officer Eli Cohen. But as CAMERA noted in The Washington Examiner: the real

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The IDF foils a massive Iranian/Hezbollah attack on Israel

Hezbollah planned a massive attack. Thank you G-d above. Thank you PM Netanyahu and thank you IDF for stopping it!

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US call for Syria troops divides German coalition

Discord broke out in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling coalition Sunday, after the United States urged the country to send ground troops to Syria as Washington looks to withdraw from the region. "We want ground troops from Germany to part

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WATCH: The Heartbreaking Story of a Father Lost at War, Brought to Life with Sand Art

WATCH: The Heartbreaking Story of a Father Lost at War, Brought to Life with Sand Art h/t United with Israel Imagine learning that the father of your unborn child has been captured in Syria, behind enemy lines. This story has a surprising twist! One doesn

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Unpacked – ELI COHEN THE MOSSAD’S MASTER SPY   Did you know that one of Israel’s greatest heroes was a man called Kamel Amin Thaabet.  Confused? Let us clear it up. This was actually the pseudonym of Mossad agent extraordinaire, Eli Co

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The Israeli saving lives in Syria

Despite grave risks, Israeli Gal Lusky has been going undercover into Syria to aid victims of the civil war. Now, she has revealed her identity. ISRAEL21c goes up to the border with Syria to investigate.

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Trump to Leave 200 Troops in Syria, Graham Applauds Decision

President Donald Trump will leave 200 American troops in Syria, the White House said on Feb. 21. The ...

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Donald Trump: 'Time to Start Coming Home' from 'Endless Wars'

President Donald Trump reasserted his promise on Friday to withdraw the United States from conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria.

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Pompeo Says Cooperation With Israel Over Syria and Iran to Continue

BRASILIA—U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Jan. 1 that the United States would continue to cooperate ...

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Withdrawal From Syria Is Right, But We Mustn't Abandon Kurds

Commentary President Donald Trump recently decided to withdraw all U.S. military presence from the Syrian theater of operations. ...

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Graham says 'I feel pretty good' about Syria after lunch with Trump | Fox News

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told reporters Sunday that "I feel pretty good about where we're headed" in Syria after suggesting that President Trump is "reconsidering" the planned pullout which had drawn bipartisan criticism and forced

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Departing Mattis said to cancel Israel trip, as Israel feels ‘betrayed’ on Syria

TV report says US defense secretary was set to hold talks with in Israel next week on Iran and Syria; senior Israeli officials said to harshly criticize Syria pullout decision

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Pentagon chief Mattis quits in disagreement with Trump policies | Reuters

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis abruptly said he was quitting on Thursday after falling out with President Donald Trump over his foreign policies, one day after Trump rebuffed top advisers and decided to pull all U.S. troops out of Syria.

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Syria Is Now In Charge of the UN's Disarmament Efforts. Really.

The U.S. says the Assad regime’s repeated use of chemical weapons on civilians should disqualify it from the post.

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Israel News: 170 killed in Syria the first three days of this week. No one bothered to report about THOSE dead Arabs.

Those people had the misfortune of being killed by other Arabs. If they had been killed by Jews, then suddenly there would be interest.

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The US Navy appears to have fooled Russia and Syria with a warship ruse before the strike

When the Syria strike happened, the destroyer that everyone was watching didn't fire a shot.

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Theresa May: No alternative to military strikes in Syria

British Prime Minister Theresa May joined the U.S. and France on Friday in announcing a military response to a chemical weapons attack in Syria, saying her authorization of targeted airstrikes was meant to deter the use of such chemical weapons.

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Incoherent U.S. policy on Syria mystifying allies, empowering enemies - International news - Jerusalem Post

Experts contend that both Russia and Iran would be empowered should President Trump move ahead with military withdrawal from Syria.

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Analysis: Strike in Syria shows Netanyahu follows through on threats

The message of Israel's alleged strike on Homs is clear: Israel has interests and intends to act upon them.

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Inside Israel’s Secret Raid on Syria’s Nuclear Reactor

Now the story can be told: The Mossad got lucky. In Iran and North Korea, the Americans might not.

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Why Russia, Assad, and Iran combined don't stand a chance against just 2,000 US troops in Syria

Can 2,000 US troops stand up to tens of thousands of Russian, Iranian, and Syrian fighters? "Everybody poses this question as though the US is Luxembourg."

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Syria Missile Attack: Hillary Clinton Called for Strikes | Time.com

Donald Trump's former campaign rival Hillary Clinton suggested striking Syrian airfields just hours before the President did exactly that

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Was Trump’s Syria Strike Illegal? Explaining Presidential War Powers

WASHINGTON — President Trump ordered the military on Thursday to carry out a missile attack on Syrian forces for using chemical weapons against civilians. The unilateral attack lacked authorization from Congress or from the United Nations Security Council, raising the question of whether he had legal authority to commit the act of war.

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Syria's Assad applauds Trump's terrorism rhetoric

“The rest is American, let’s say, internal matters, I wouldn't worry about. But the question [is] whether Trump has the will or the ability to implement what he just mentioned.”

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Delusional State Dept: 'We Brought Peace to Syria in 2015'

This gem from over the holidays may have passed under your radar screens. In the final State Department press conference for 2015, spokesperson John...

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No Christians: All 132 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. Since Paris Attacks Are Sunni Muslims

Since the Paris terror attacks on November 13, the State Department has admitted 132 Syrian refugees into the United States, and all 132 are Sunni Muslims.

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Sixth mass grave found in city formerly controlled by ISIS

Officials have discovered the sixth mass grave in or near the town of Sinjar, Iraq, after Turkish forces recaptured the city from ISIS earlier this month.

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For The Last Time, No, The Syrian Crisis Was Not Caused By Climate Change - Breitbart

Is there nothing green ideologues won't do to try to breathe pseudo-scientific life into their bankrupt climate change thesis?

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No, George Bush Is Not to Blame for the Paris Attacks | National Review Online

Is there a statute of limitations for blaming George W. Bush for the world’s ills? This weekend, in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, the Huffington Post ran yet another piece repeating leftist conventional wisdom that Bush created ISIS with his disastrous Iraq invasion, that Obama’s missteps were minor by comparison, and oh, by the way, those who supported the Iraq invasion should just shut up.

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This dogfight between 200 Israeli and Syrian jets was one of the biggest of all time

The Israeli pilots had benefited from great training and a lot of combat experience, but the Syrians had also screwed themselves.

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Krauthammer: Obama’s phony war

The president is more interested in fighting Republicans than the Islamic State.

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Report: Jihadi John killed by US airstrike

News: Notorious Islamic State British beheader Mohammed Emwazi was targeted in his vehicle according to the Pentagon; in ISIS videos he beheaded US and Japanese journalists and US and British aid workers

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Russian air strikes in Syria: John McCain 'confirms US-trained rebels hit during bombing campaign' - live updates

Vladimir Putin has denied reports that Russian air strikes have killed civilians. Speaking at a meeting with human rights activists in the Kremlin, he reportedly described the claims as "information attacks."

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Russia launches first airstrikes in Syria - CNNPolitics.com

Russian says its airstrike in Syria on Wednesday targeted ISIS; U.S. official says it had "no strategic purpose" in combating ISIS.

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World inspection didn't stop Syria's chemical weapons use - why would Iran be different? - Opinion

The CIA belatedly concluded that Assad has been cheating on his agreement to disband Syria's chemical weapons stash. There's no reason to believe the international community will do better in Iran.

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Obama: No Red Line for Assad This Time | Truth Revolt

The Washington Times reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad has again used chemical weapons in his country’s ongoing civil war, and unlike the first time, when Assad ​unleashed sarin gas and other chemical agents, and President Barack Obama wa

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Obama: Chlorine Not 'Historically' a Chem. Weapon - US & Canada - News - Arutz Sheva

Widespread reports of chlorine gas attacks in Syria have not been prevented - or acted upon - because chlorine is not "historically" considered a chemical weapon, US President Barack Obama stated Thursday.

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Report: Syria's Assad building facility for the production of nuclear weapons - Middle East - Jerusalem Post

Intelligence sources tell Der Spiegel that underground site being developed with Iranian, North Korea and Hezbollah support.

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ISIS subjects Yazidi women to 'rape, sex slavery' - CNN.com

ISIS is brazen about enslaving Yazidi women. One teen describes how her dreams of becoming a doctor lie in ruins after her brutal treatment.

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What Happened When Wisconsin Man Jordan Matson Decided To Take On ISIS

DERIKE, Syria (RNS) Like many Americans, Jordan Matson is outraged by the brutality of the Islamic State. But unlike virtually every other American, he decided to take on the militants head-on. Now, the 28-year-old Racine, Wis., man is recovering ...

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In Syria and Iraq, Trying to Protect a Heritage at Risk - NYTimes.com

Antiquities guardians around the world are asking themselves if it’s better to raise the alarm about what’s in harm’s way — or keep quiet to avoid the militants’ gaze?

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Exclusive: America’s Allies Almost Bombed in Syrian Airstrikes - The Daily Beast

The White House says it wants to work with Syria’s moderate rebels. But warplanes from the U.S.-led coalition came awfully close to striking one of their HQs.

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Palestinians said heading to Syria, Iraq to join Islamic State | The Times of Israel

West Bank and Gaza residents among other foreigners seeking to fight alongside jihadist group, intelligence sources say

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Syrian rebels capture sole border crossing between Israel and Syria in Golan Hei

An Al-Qaeda linked group is among those that seized the crossing, which is more of symbolic than strategic value

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Massacre at Yarmouk | Jonathan Messing

Yarmouk was home to the largest Palestinian refugee community in the country before the conflict began. 180,000 Palestinian civilians called it home. Now only 20,000 remain. Food and medical supplies are routinely denied entry and starvation is one of the three main causes of death. Recently, in the Jarabulus area, 22 people were killed and thrown into the streets to instill fear in the population. Some of them were children.

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Syria jihadists now using Humvees seized in Iraq

Jihadists fighting in Syria's war put to use for the first time on Sunday American-made Humvees that they seized during a lightning offensive in Iraq this month, a monitor said. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, used the armoured veh