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Pluto Generation Planet in Capricorn | March 2023 | Uranus Aries Aspect

Pluto has been traveling through the sign of Capricorn since January 25th 2008. The change of signs created a formal emergence of the economical crisis we saw manifest in 2008. Most importantly, pl…

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Powering Underground Forces of Destruction | Mars in Scorpio

From the relentless backlog of Mars retrograde which ended on June 29 at 23 degrees Scorpio, we see an uncontrollable and destructive force associate with the presence of Mars direct in Scorpio. Wh…

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Tonsillitis: The Power of Probiotics

Many people are dumb founded when I ask them: Do you use a probiotic? In recent weeks I have encountered many people who are unfamiliar with what a probiotic is and how a probiotic will increase yo…