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Food For Thought | Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous | Food For Thought

Mark Zuckerberg defends Peter Thiel's $1.25M Trump donation

The Facebook board member is a vocal Trump supporter, which has caused some in tech to cut ties.

    Miscellaneous | Food For Thought

    The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

    A nurse in end-of-life care shares the most common regrets of the dying and what they say may change they way you look at life.

        Miscellaneous | Food For Thought

        How We Got Here: Treating Addiction In 28 Days

        Decades ago, a researcher came up with 28 days as the ideal length of stay for inpatient alcoholism rehab, despite lack of evidence that it worked. That model is now being used for opioid addiction.

        Miscellaneous | Food For Thought

        Doll Therapy May Help Calm People With Dementia, But It Has Critics

        Hugging a doll can soothe an upset toddler, and some say it can do the same for people with dementia. But critics say this form of therapy infantilizes adults.

        Miscellaneous | Food For Thought

        11 Signs of a Truly Authentic Person | Huffington Post

        In the last week or two, the topic of authenticity has been coming up in my life. The discussion of authenticity came up a couple times in a class and t...

          Miscellaneous | Food For Thought

          FEMININITY LIB: How Women's Lib Accidentally Screwed Up Society And Millennial Men Might Accidentally Save It | Huffington Post

          Witness the Millennial man: he listens to a podcast considering the topic of 'unplugging' as he walks to his local cafe, where he waits nine minutes for ...