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Downhill Longboarding in Paradise

Teamed up with @Lisa Peters @Fred Falco and @Nikolay Keller to a Downhill Longboard mission in Paradise. A mashup of some of the best Downhill Skateboardin...

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10 Best Longboard Brands in 2021 | Reviews and Top Picks for Each

We picked the 10 best longboard brands in 2021 and chose our favorite boards too. Our pick for the #1 best longboard brand is...

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Only 2 days to ride our boards in one of the best skateboard cities in the world. We crammed as many fun spots as we could in that time. A great way to end a...

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Sup Surfing Jackson Close 10ft Deep 2016

Jackson Close is an 4x Australian Longboard champ and an 4x Australian Sup champ. If my math is any good, thats a 8x Aussie champion. And if you add the two ...

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Jackson Close SUP Surfing Funday

What would you do on a rainy Sunday? Would you sit inside and listen to the pitta patta of the rain on the window, occasionally peering out only to cower at ...

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Salvaged - A Surf Film

With recording of two seasons of surfing raised from the dark depths of the old Deus Temple Of Enthusiasm hard drive, Salvaged is a black and white longboarding…

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Recap Part 1: Endurance | The Ultimate Waterman 2016

The watermen test their endurance with outrigger canoe and prone paddle races at the start of the competition.

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How Many Surfers Fit on a Really, Really Longboard?

Surf champions and local heroes were among those who hung loose on a custom built, 42-foot board off Huntington Beach on Saturday.

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XAVIER LEROY Soloshot Sup Session | GONG SUP 9'4 FREAK

Xavier Leroy Stand Up Paddle specialist made his self

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Nose Riders (HD)

In September of 2011 an epic swell rolled into Scorpion Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico. La Ballena's crew and I were fortunate enough to ride some of the s...