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New Employee Too Afraid to Take Sick Day Gives Entire Office Coronavirus

Junior designer Lewis Cooper accidentally contaminated his entire office with the deadly coronavirus, thanks to his fear of calling in sick and losing his job.

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A Comprehensive Guide of What You’re Allowed to Wear When Fighting Fascism

When fighting for a cause it’s important to keep ourselves in check. We must ask one another important questions like, “How are we affecting real…

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Punk Carolers Regretting Decision to Sing “Last Caress”

Punk Christmas carolers regretted their choice to include The Misfits’ classic “Last Caress” after it was met with a mix of disgust and horror.

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GG Allin Hologram to Throw Feces at Coachella

A revolutionary new hologram of GG Allin will chuck his feces directly into the Coachella crowd.

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Punk Assures Friends New Boyfriend More Fucked up Than He Appears

Local punk Kelsey Hernandez insisted yet again today that her new, non-punk boyfriend is “more of a loose cannon than he appears.”

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What if Beto O'Rourke Ran America Like Ian MacKaye Runs Dischord Records?

By now you’ve probably heard all about the fabulous piece on Beto O’Rourke that was published in Vanity Fair a couple of days ago. In...

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Opinion: All Cops Are Bastards but Not All Bastards Are Cops

Travel the world and judge every individual you meet within two minutes of meeting them. You’ll find there are a lot more bastards that you thought!

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Hungover Replacements Horrified to Learn Band Had 40-Year Run

Former members of The Replacements learned, upon finally sobering up after decades of heavy drinking, that their band’s legacy now spans nearly 40 years.