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This Woman's work | Business & Finance

Business & Finance | This Woman's work

4 Brilliant Ways Google Is Closing the Gender Gap

It's no secret that tech companies are embarrassingly behind the curve when it comes to gender parity in the workplace and the continuing pay gap for women.

Business & Finance | This Woman's work

Israeli Arab women forge businesses and break society’s shackles

It sure would be easier, however, if conservative segments of the community like the Bedouin weren't so queasy about men and women mixing.

Business & Finance | This Woman's work

Women business leaders use tech to take on Trump

Washington politics will command the world's attention in 2017, and in Chicago, women business leaders are prepared to step up.

Business & Finance | This Woman's work

The World’s Fastest Woman

At more than 140 mph, getting knocked off a bicycle is bad, potentially fatal. At such speed, pretty much everything is. It is also where Denise Mueller finds peace.