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Iran | Politics

Politics | Iran

The "horrific" crime committed by this 20 year old Iranian got her 24 years in jail

Where is the international outrage??

Politics | Iran

Hezbollah Attacks Israeli Army Base in Northern Israel

Israel responded immediately by attacking the location where Hezbollah terrorists launched the RPG rockets.

Politics | Iran

The IDF foils a massive Iranian/Hezbollah attack on Israel

Hezbollah planned a massive attack. Thank you G-d above. Thank you PM Netanyahu and thank you IDF for stopping it!

Politics | Iran

Iran Threatens to Sink US Warships and Destroy Israel

Iranian officials are threatening to sink U.S. warships and destroy Israel, signaling a new round of escalation in nuclear tensions.

    Politics | Iran

    President Trump Calls for Prosecution of John Kerry

    In answering questions about Iran, President Trump clearly calls out John Kerry for going against US law in advising Iran.