I am like Walter of Jeff Dunham, I am old and tired of the BS. I remember the 60's when Republicans passed Civil Rights Bills and Democrats voted against them completely. I have dealt with the KKK when they showed up. But I am getting tired of this Entitlement Attitude damn near all Democrats and Socialists of their party and Left Leaning Liberal have. I owe nobody anything but common courtesy. And that evaporates depending on their attitude and actions. If they show themselves undeserving of simple courtesy so be it. I enjoy lively political discussion with everyone from Liberals, Democrats, Independents, Communists, Green Party, etc.. I ask only that people discuss things calmly and with respect. I do not intend to convert anyone or want to be converted but I want to understand why they think and believe something or follow a path.

Let us all strive for that super power please. Want to make a point be ready to present facts not opinions to uphold your point or belief. Just because someone said so is not good enough anymore there are too many liars on all fronts.

Reality In The Midst Of Half-Truths

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