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Politics | The Swamp

Democrats accused of showering billions of Federal tax dollars on 'woke' pet projects | Daily Mail Online

Sen. Pat Toomey, left, has blasted the return of controversial earmarks, which he says will allow Nancy Pelosi, bottom right, to fund wasteful spending projects such to buy votes among Democrats.

Politics | The Swamp

EARMARKS ARE BACK: Pelosi Earmarks $1 Million For Leftist Museum

House lawmakers under Democratic leadership are embracing earmarks to dump millions into district projects lobbied for by members.

    Politics | The Swamp

    House Dems ready to pass DC statehood Thursday, call on Senate to end filibuster to do same

    Democratic leaders Wednesday predicted passage of Washington, D.C. statehood legislation in the House and called on the Senate to end the filibuster now to create the 51st state in the union.

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      Understanding The Swamp: Top Biden Advisor’s Brother’s Lobbying Practice Is Earning Five Times More Than It Did Last Year

      The lobbying firm owned by the brother of a top advisor to President Joe Biden is earning nearly five times as much as it did last year, filings revealed.