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Advice & Self-Help | Spiritual

Stepping out of the comfort zone

During some weeks, it feels like life is one load of laundry after another – with activities spinning in continuous cycles with the same materials repeating their journey  of wash, wear, repe…

    Advice & Self-Help | Spiritual

    An alternate reality in home decor

    When I have the opportunity to upgrade our home decor from our current line of “We’ll live like this until the kids get older,” I have some ideas of styles that I’d like to …

      Advice & Self-Help | Spiritual

      Meditations on making moments matter

      Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra kicked off a 21-Day Meditation Experience this week called “Making Every Moment Matter.” In light of my new work schedule and with the recent change of h…

      Advice & Self-Help | Spiritual

      Albert Einstein’s theory of happiness

      Among all the text that appears on my phone or computer screens each day, occasionally there’s a story that lingers in my mind hours later. Today it was the announcement that two short notes …

        Advice & Self-Help | Spiritual

        Finding miracles among the ashes

        I can’t stop thinking about all of those affected by all the recent natural disasters, with so many lives and homes lost from hurricanes, earthquakes and fires. When my mind starts worrying a…

        Advice & Self-Help | Spiritual

        Rabbi Steinsaltz: ‘Let my people know’

        It’s not often that one gets an opportunity to ask questions of a “once-in-a millennium scholar” (as dubbed by Time magazine). However, members of the Valley Jewish community will be able to do just that as part of Congregation Beth Tefi

          Advice & Self-Help | Spiritual

          Shofar sounding a ‘sacred duty’

          Fred Missel confesses that he was a poor Hebrew school student, but one day before the High Holidays, his rabbi brought a shofar into his third-grade class. When Missel got a sound out of it, “that was the impetus” that led him to teach others

          Advice & Self-Help | Spiritual

          Book shares ‘miracles from beyond’

          When Yitta Halberstam was sitting shiva for her father – Yiddish and Hebrew writer Laizer Halberstam – she came across a poem he wrote in Yiddish about a telephone that doesn’t ring anymore.