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climate science | Science & Technology

Science & Technology | climate science

Climate Scientists Say We Should Embrace Higher CO2 Levels | The Epoch Times

While governments pour billions of dollars into lowering CO2 emissions, several climate experts say CO2 is essential and higher levels are not a problem.

Science & Technology | climate science

Does Climate Change Cause Extreme Weather Now? Here’s a Scorcher of a Reality Check

News Analysis The Pacific Northwest was hit with a record-shattering heat wave in June, with temperatures over 35 ...

Science & Technology | climate science

China Emits More Greenhouse Gas Than Developed Countries Combined: Report

China emitted more greenhouse gases (GHG) than the United States and all other developed countries combined in 2019, ...

Science & Technology | climate science

Deadly Texas winter storm leaves millions without power amid frigid temperatures | Fox News

An unusually harsh winter storm in Texas has killed at least one person and left millions customers without power in the state amid dangerously low temperatures.