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Entertainment | Movies/Visual Arts

'Peanuts' Holiday Specials Won't Air on TV for First Time in Decades

For the first time since 1965, the beloved “Peanuts” holiday specials won’t air on broadcast TV this holiday season, marking the end of a 55-year American tradition.

    Entertainment | Movies/Visual Arts

    Compelling New Documentary Tells Story Of Russian Collusion Hoax

    “You can't really make a movie about court dates and documents and hearings, but you can make a movie about people," director Amanda Milius explained.

      Entertainment | Movies/Visual Arts

      Murals spark artist's creativity at Firehouse Subs for 23 years and counting

      The first mural for the masses that Joe Puskas painted was on the side of his father’s hardware store, where he was employed. Puskas summed up the

        Entertainment | Movies/Visual Arts

        The Birds Is Back! | The American Spectator | Politics Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously.

        Unimaginable chaos reigns! Widespread, indiscriminate, and meaningless death! Despair! Economy in ruins! Looting! Neighbors attacking neighbors! Your home is not...

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            Art as Medicine

            To create something new is an act of exploration. Are often requires a process of discovery, and in that mode of mind, we enter into a near meditative state.

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                  ‘Berthe Morisot, Woman Impressionist’ a Stunning Show | National Review

                  A show in Dallas presents a wondrous, comprehensive selection of Berthe Morisot’s work — and is just one of many stunning exhibits in the area.

                    Entertainment | Movies/Visual Arts

                    Glenstone An Immersive Experience of Art | National Review

                    The thoughtfully landscaped meadows and spacious galleries prime the viewer for an open-minded approach to modern art.

                      Entertainment | Movies/Visual Arts

                      Why Teaching Art Is Teaching Character

                      The arts are a living history. More than that, they form the tangible embodiment of a culture, and often a culture’s highest ideals.

                        Entertainment | Movies/Visual Arts

                        First Trailer Just Released for New Lion King Movie

                        Disney released the trailer for its new "The Lion King" movie on Nov. 22.