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Sheba medical team finds treatment for 4th leading cause of cancer death

“In the history of oncology, there have been only two or three studies that have shown some benefits for pancreatic cancer,” said Dr. Raanan Berger, head of Oncology for Sheba Medical Center.

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    A Values Proposition - Areo

    This week, the Los Angeles Review of Books published a piece that includes the following sentence, about a man whom the author does not like: “He posts things on Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein, …

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      The End of the American Century

      What the life of Richard Holbrooke tells us about the decay of Pax Americana

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        The Golan Heights and the Depths of Hypocrisy

        The perennial issue of Israel’s borders flared up once again last week when President Trump announced that the U.S. will recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, the volcanic plateau that Israel conquered from Syria in 1967. To say that thi

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          Hamas violently disperses demonstrators on 3rd day of internal protests

          Ramallah asks Egypt to intervene; Fatah official: 'This is not the occupation, it's Hamas gangs terrorizing Gaza'; conflicting reports on alleged self-immolation by one man

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            US warns Turkey against Venezuelan ‘blood gold’

            Venezuela has emerged as yet another point of dispute between Washington and Ankara.

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              You could stop at 5 or 6 stores or just one [COMPILATION]

              All of the parts put together into a full length compilation. Enjoy!

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                קרב באוטובוס:

                4 פיגועים בירושלים, ביום אחד: בן ה-13 שנדקר בפסגת זאב על ידי שני מחבלים נערים מאושפז במצב קשה מאוד, מצבו של יוסף בן ה-21 קשה. בקו 185 נדקר חייל שמחבל

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                  Israel set to send emergency aid to Nepal after quake kills over 1,200

                  200 Israelis yet to make contact; dozens of parents of surrogate babies in area; search and rescue teams to head to Himalayas; planes to evacuate Israelis

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                  NOAH’S ARK: It’s still in Turkey stupid, this should be a much bigger story

                  Why is this not a BIG story? I'm often amazed at our lack of knowledge about history. Ordinary people are hungry for this information, yet the organizations responsible to disseminate these facts seem to have an agenda to keep us in the dark.