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Environmental Science | Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous | Environmental Science

Are Electric Cars Really Green?

Are electric cars greener than conventional gasoline cars? If so, how much greener? What about the CO2 emissions produced during electric cars' production? And where does the electricity that powers electric cars come from? Environmental economist Bj

    Miscellaneous | Environmental Science

    Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy?


    Miscellaneous | Environmental Science

    What They Haven't Told You about Climate Change

    Since time immemorial, our climate has been and will always be changing. Patrick Moore explains why “climate change,” far from being a recent human-caused di...

    Miscellaneous | Environmental Science

    Why I Left Greenpeace

    Patrick Moore explains why he helped to create Greenpeace, and why he decided to leave it. What began as a mission to improve the environment for the sake of...

    Miscellaneous | Environmental Science

    Are GMOs Good or Bad?

    Are GMOs really the dangerous experimental foods that activists claim? Patrick Moore cuts through the hype and gives you the facts: how GMOs improve our live...

    Miscellaneous | Environmental Science

    The Truth about CO2

    Global Warming activists will tell you that CO2 is bad and dangerous. The EPA has even classified it as a pollutant. But is it? Patrick Moore provides some s...

    Miscellaneous | Environmental Science

    Trees Are the Answer

    Everybody loves trees, so why are they so controversial? Patrick Moore untangles the knotty issue of