I am a programmer, web designer, and science geek.
I work as an IT professional, do consulting, and write Apps for the iPhone/iPad and the Mac.

Charles Haspel

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My Programming/Design Work | Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous | My Programming/Design Work

Haspel Software

Simple, Elegant, Trouble-free Software. Inexpensive Quality Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch and shareware for Macintosh.

    Miscellaneous | My Programming/Design Work

    Noble Sciences

    Noble Sciences - Personal Tools, Ancient Wisdom, Scientific Results. Through the use of personal tools designed to activate knowledge deep within your core, you can delve into the depths of your own true nature and improve your daily life.

      Miscellaneous | My Programming/Design Work

      Conscious Life Choices

      Contemplating a divorce or change in your relationship? You don’t have to feel alone or helpless. Dr. Eleanor Haspel-Portner will help guide you to making conscious life choices that honor the life you want to live.

        Miscellaneous | My Programming/Design Work

        Unified Life Sciences

        A Revolutionary Approach to the Health of Body, Mind, and Spirit.