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Home Improvement | Tricks and Tips

DIY Concrete Floor on the Cheap... and Without the Weight Design Mom | Apartment Therapy

When design blogger Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom was looking to finish the raw plywood subfloor in her reading loft, she thought of concrete — a sweepable surface that can easily be made cozier with an area rug on top. But she was told the weight of tr

    Home Improvement | Tricks and Tips

    PVC-pipe patch

    If you have a leaky PVC water pipe, you could put a bucket under it to catch the drips, but there's a better way.

        Home Improvement | Tricks and Tips

        7 DIY Skills Every Woman Should Know

        Single women are more likely to own their own home than single men (the former also outpaces the latter when it comes to rentals, as well), which means we're more likely to be alone in our homes when something goes wrong. While some of us immediately