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American Prometheus Chained at Mar-A-Lago › American Greatness

Oppenheimer, the 2024 Oscar winner for Best Picture, begins with a short but incomplete reference to the story of Prometheus. Whether appropriate or not to the…

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'It's very possible': Trump floats imprisoning his political opponents

Fresh off last week's historic guilty verdict, former President Donald Trump had a warning for his political opponents on Tuesday.

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Joe Biden’s Fingerprints Are All Over The Prosecutions Of Trump

Joe Biden has his hands all over Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecution of the former president.

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They’re Voting for Trump to Save Democracy | The Free Press

‘The 2016 version of myself would have hated this version of myself.’

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Alvin Bragg Just Won Trump The Election › American Greatness

Let’s be very clear—what took place in that dingy courtroom in Lower Manhattan on Thursday was not a blindfolded Lady Justice with a sword submissively pointing…

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A Disgusting, Filthy Corruption of American Justice - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

We have witnessed one of the most shameful, disgusting, filthy episodes in American history. If I had submitted the outline of the Trump trial to a publishing house.

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The Fall of the House of Presidential Persecutions › American Greatness

None of the five civil and criminal cases currently lodged against former President Donald Trump have ever had merit. They were all predicated on using the law…

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Trump classified documents trial in Florida postponed indefinitely

The trial on charges that Donald Trump willfully retained classified national security records after leaving the White House was scheduled to start May 20.