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Dean Martin’s Daughter Blasts John Legend’s Woke ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

Singer Deana Martin, daughter of the legendary Dean Martin, has few kind words to say about John Legend’s feminist, #MeToo friendly update of the Christmas classic, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” “You do not change the lyrics to the s

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Sharon Osbourne: John Legend’s Woke ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Is ‘Ridiculous’

John Legend’s woke version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” that neuters the song of its flirtatious nature in favor of #MeToo sermonizing has severely ticked off Sharon Osbourne (mother of Kelly and wife of Ozzy). “What would Joh

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Couple rewrites 'Baby It's Cold Outside' (with consent) - CNN.com

A couple from Minnesota reimagines the classic Christmas song 'Baby It's Cold Outside,' changing the lyrics to emphasize consent.