Event planner, broker of unique, unusual and unexpected accessories, lawyer, wife, mother of two, and dog lover. Interested in too many things to keep up with.

Nicole Foos

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Advice & Self-Help | Lifestyle

10 Signs You Are Probably An Ambivert

by Anisha Tyagi, LifeHack Nowadays, if you identify as an introvert or an extravert, the internet is a wonderful resource for you to affirm your sense of self, find a community of similar individua...

Advice & Self-Help | Lifestyle

The (Comforting) Psychology of Mess - Daily Plate of Crazy

Are some of us born to be messy, or at least psychologically comforted by mess? Thoughts on clutter, shedding, and the comfortable creativity of a messy space.

    Advice & Self-Help | Lifestyle

    Let’s Celebrate the Art of Clutter

    It is time to liberate ourselves from the propaganda of de-cluttering and turn to collecting and displaying what we treasure.

    Advice & Self-Help | Lifestyle

    Becoming More Authentic - OMTimes Magazine

    So, how do you become more authentic? It starts with being more honest with yourself. Being more authentic helps you have more of what you want in life.