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Politics | Energy

Solar Panels Produce Massive Emissions, Data Says - CatholicVote org

Journalist Michael Shellenberger has uncovered new data showing that solar energy is not as “clean” as the politicians pushing “green” policies claim.

    Politics | Energy

    Whale Corpses Are Stacking Up But the Libs Won't Talk About What Might Be Killing Them

    Why are whales dying in record numbers and — just as importantly — why are the deodorant-dodging Libs not talking about the whale-ocaust?

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    LA Times report warns about 'environmental danger' in solar transition

    The Los Angeles Times warned about the negative environmental impact California created when it went all in on solar panels in the mid-2000s on Thursday.

      Politics | Energy

      Biden Sent 5 Million Barrels of Emergency Oil Reserves to Europe and Asia

      5 million barrels of oil...part of... a U.S. emergency oil reserves release to lower domestic fuel prices were sent to Europe and Asia.