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Can Dogs Eat Lasagna? - About Doggies

You don’t know what to do with the leftover lasagna. Your dog is hungry, so you think about giving the leftovers to her, but is lasagna okay for dogs? Can dogs eat lasagna? Unfortunately, the answers is no, it is not recommended to feed your dog las

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      Pets & Animals | Pets

      Crate Training a Puppy or Dog

      What is Crate Training? Learn how to safely, effectively and humanely use a crate for training your puppy or older dog.

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        Spring cleaning tips for dog owners

        Yes, it’s that time of year. But cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore if you follow our quick and easy tips. You and your pup will both be happier and healthier if you do! Plus, we've got tips for safer cleaning and recipes for cleaning products t

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            Five Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You

            Neuroscientist and author Gregory Burns has five ways to test your dog's loyalty to you without using an MRI. WSJ's Billy Higgins puts his three-year-old yel...

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            About Doggies: What can dogs eat, how to train a dog, and a lot more.

            What can dogs eat, how to train a dog, and a lot more.