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envionmental science | Science & Technology

Science & Technology | envionmental science

How Does the Weather Affect Asthma?

Does the weather affect your asthma? Find out how heat, cold and thunderstorms can make it hard to breathe -- and what you can do about it.

Science & Technology | envionmental science

Even Low Levels of Air Pollution Damage Heart, Lungs

Top news headlines, videos and comments from Newsmax.com covering politics, the White House, Congress, Hollywood. U.S. news you can trust on health, personal finance, faith, freedom issues and more.

Science & Technology | envionmental science

Historic Deal Revives Plan for Largest US Dam Demolition

An agreement announced paves the way for the largest dam demolition in U.S. history.

Science & Technology | envionmental science

New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster | Environment | The Guardian

Breakthrough that builds on plastic-eating bugs first discovered by Japan in 2016 promises to enable full recycling

Science & Technology | envionmental science

Interior Secretary Bernhardt: Why Trump's Great American Outdoors Act is a generational win for conservation | Fox News

President Trump’s success in securing guaranteed funding ensures that we are investing in our public lands – the wonders of God’s creation – for millions of more travelers and future generations to come.