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The Quest to Ban the Best Raincoats in the World - Heatmap News

Why Patagonia, REI, and just about every other gear retailer are going PFAS-free.

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How Does the Weather Affect Asthma?

Does the weather affect your asthma? Find out how heat, cold and thunderstorms can make it hard to breathe -- and what you can do about it.

Science & Technology | envionmental science

Historic Deal Revives Plan for Largest US Dam Demolition

An agreement announced paves the way for the largest dam demolition in U.S. history.

Science & Technology | envionmental science

Interior Secretary Bernhardt: Why Trump's Great American Outdoors Act is a generational win for conservation | Fox News

President Trump’s success in securing guaranteed funding ensures that we are investing in our public lands – the wonders of God’s creation – for millions of more travelers and future generations to come.

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China Says It Will Ban Plastics That Pollute Its Land and Water - The New York Times

Though likely to be welcomed by many Chinese who worry about pollution, the measures could be a hard sell for a society used to convenience.

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Chernobyl: The end of a three-decade experiment - BBC News

The abandoned Chernobyl exclusion zone could be about to change for the first time since the world's worst nuclear disaster.

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Top Toxins to Avoid

What are the worst toxins we're exposed to in our daily lives? Here's a list of the worst environmental toxins with information about how to avoid them.