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Mariachi Connecticut plays

Mariachi Connecticut performing for Juno the Whale in Mystic Connecticut (Summer 2011).

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Dr. Calculus - Perfume From Spain (Inversion) - 1986 (Fast)

Dr. Calculus - Perfume From Spain (Inversion) - 1986 (Fast) By Andrea & Lisa.

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ESG - Erase You

What a fantastic band and here`s another one of their beautiful tracks. Magnificent rawness from the Big Apple yet again. Respect as always.

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ESG - You're No Good

ESG - You're No Good. This is the studio recording which can be found on A South Bronx Story and Rough Trade Shops: Post Punk compilation. What a great band.

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Soledad Brothers - Break 'em On Down

Soledad Brothers song off their Steal Your Soul... album.

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Heinz with The Wild Boys - Big Fat Spider (1965)

Here is a great B-side by Heinz. Apparently Ritchie Blackmore is playing guitar on this track. The A-side being Joe Meek meets Bob Dylan and 'Don't Think Twi...

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The Shag - Stop and listen (60's FUZZ GARAGE MONSTER)

Rockin tune from 1967. Can be found on many comps. Released on Capitol. Audio has been transfered from original 45.

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The Denims - White ship (60'S GARAGE FUZZ ROCKER)

Killer garage classic on Mercury!! Denims hailed from New York. This was their last 45, released in 1967. The flip is Salty dog man, which was an earlier a-s...

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The Residents - The Third Reich 'n' Roll (1976) [Full Album]

1. Swastikas on Parade - 0:00 2. Hitler Was a Vegetarian - 17:34