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Interview with Rob Casey from Salmon Bay Paddle in Seattle

I visited Seattle recently and got the chance to talk to Rob Casey who is the founder of Salmon Bay Paddle. The conditions in Seattle are mostly flat water. ...

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Fast Friday

Fast Friday was a wonderful point in time. Seattle WA c. 2007. It was the very beginning of the Track bike movement Mash had yet to come out and people were riding…

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Screaming Waters 1990 - YouTube

Windsurfing the Columbia River Gorge in 1990 ... It was the an amazing time to be into this sport and living the windsurfing lifestyle ...which typically mea...

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Windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge in 1987

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Downwinding Near Vashon Island, Washington | SUP Magazine

A pair of paddlers catches some sizable coldwater bumps near Vashon Island in Washington's Puget Sound.