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BIRTH OF A VIRUS … – Regie's Blog

As I watched my neighbor put her dog’s poop in a single-use plastic baggy, I thought about split pants in China. When my wife and I got off the plane, 18 years ago, to adopt our first daughter, we were taken aback by the split pants. Split pants are (or

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Don't Let Britain's Single-Payer Sickness Spread Stateside

Several 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls are staking their candidacies on a government takeover of the U.S. health care system. Maybe they should look at new data that show why a system like Britain's National Health Service would be a scourge, not a

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Single-Payer Is Failing Overseas — We Shouldn't Adopt It Here | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD

Single-payer systems are imploding in Canada and the United Kingdom. It'd be madness to replicate these failing models in America.