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Ted Nugent - Writing On The Wall (HQ)

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We Sat Down With Ted Nugent Because He Thought We Were 15

So we were just sitting outside Cafe du Stefan in Jackson, Michigan waiting for our Americanos when a man who looked like he held Civil War reenactments in a honky-tonk bar grabbed a chair from the next table and sat at ours. While we would come to discov

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Ted Nugent Doesn’t Buy The Cecil The Lion Narrative: ‘This Whole Story Is A Lie’

In the days since the Cecil the Lion story broke, dentist Walter Palmer has been trolled and hunted online. He has since (allegedly) written a letter to his clients, saying, “I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite.” He blamed “local professional guides” for allowing him to shoot a national Zimbabwe treasure. In other words, Palmer isn’t sorry he killed a lion. He’s only sorry that he killed a lion that people would notice.