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Arianna Huffington On the Opportunity Cost of Outrage Culture

From climate change to racial injustice, there are real, urgent crises that need our attention more than the latest outrage of the day.

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Protecting Your Computers From ‘WannaCry’ and Similar Ransomware

(The ransom notice from the WannaCry ransomware -- May 12, 2017) It was enough to make tens of thousands of PC users cry. A piece of ransomware named

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2017 PC Games: 5 Awesome PC Games To Watch For - Best Gaming Laptop, Best Gaming Computer

If you're already on the lookout for the top 2017 PC games, here's 5 awesome titles to look for in the new year.

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Five of the Best Hidden Features of macOS Sierra

With each new release of the Mac operating system, there are always a few secret features, services, and tips hidden away, just waiting to be uncovered

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Create a Bootable macOS Sierra Install Drive with DiskMaker X

Apple has made macOS installations (and those for Mac OS X before it) as simple as hitting a download link, but what if you'd like to have a bootable disk drive

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The recent Windows 10 update is breaking webcams

It won’t support two encoding processes and fixes aren’t coming until September.

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Outshone by Smaller Screens, PCs Aim to Be Seen as Cool Again - The New York Times

With the onslaught of smartphones and tablets, even people who depend on PCs now lack passion for these onetime miracle products.

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How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

If you've got a problem with a program in Windows, you may be wondering how to show someone the errors you're receiving. Luckily, taking a screenshot of your current display is just a quick keystroke away. Follow this guide to take a...