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When Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney Teamed Up to Make a Film

In 1945, Salvador Dalí and Disney set out to make a film together. Three months later, Disney scrapped the whole thing.

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30 Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video Right Now (Updated June 2020)

Netflix isn't your only stop for good movies to stream. Put that membership to good use with the 30 best movies on Amazon Prime.

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Loving Vincent’ Director On Training An Army Of Oil Painters | Deadline

Loving Vincent' director Hugh Welshman discusses the extreme amount of effort that went into his portrait of Van Gogh's final years.

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Reality-Bending Timelapses of Cities in Tilt-Shift | Mental Floss

Spoonfilm's series "Little Big World" makes cities look like adorable dollhouse worlds.

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Movie and TV Shots Before and After Added Visual Effects

  Boardwalk Empire  Image: Brainstorm Digital on VimeoViewers often get so enveloped in their favorite movie and television shows that they forget the actors are often emoting over settings, creatures and actions that they can't see. O

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Cannes: Quentin Tarantino On Digital As The Death Of Cinema; A ‘Django’ Miniseries; ‘Hateful Eight’ Prospects & More

“It’s rare to see a filmmaker who doesn’t have a movie here in Cannes do a press conference,” said Cannes Film Festival chief Thierry Frémaux as h

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    9 Awesome Movies Written By Women That Everyone Should See

    It's a frustrating, yet all too common, experience to go to the movies and be presented with female characters who are insultingly stereotypical and one-dimensional -- if they're present at all. But women-helmed films like Bridesmaids and The Heat

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    70th Golden Globes: The winners list

    With Tina Fey and Amy Poehler steering the ship, the 70th annual Golden Globes was an enjoyable watch with a few surprises. As expected,

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      Hitchcock review: a genius director at a creative crossroads - Telegraph

      Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho marked a departure for the horror and suspense film genre so it's appropriate that Hitchcock, the new movie chronicling the making of the 1960 classic, also confounds expectations.

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        'The Loneliest Planet' is a revealing journey: Review -

        Gael Garcia Bernal and Hani Furstenberg star as backpacking couple whose relationship is tested in Julia Loktev's intimate and beautiful film.